Bentonite for Foundation Construction

The  action of bentonite was first exploited by the oil industry for drilling and stabilizing wells after the use of casing. Delta 500 & 700 bentonite is used automatically to aid diaphragm wall placing, pile driving, caisson sinking, and soil grouting.

In addition to advance construction, bentonite avoids the noise and vibration problems that influence conventional foundation operations in urban areas.

Bentonite is like portland cement, it must be stored under reasonably dry conditions. It’s a very fine colloidal clay. In foundation work the gel penetrates around individual soil particles and keep them in position by adhesion. Quality of bentonite needed for slurry of the water varies from about 4 percent by weight for use in stiff clays to about 10 percent by weight for open gravels.

The preferred arrangement to incorporate bentonite is by high-speed stirrer for at least two minutes.

Bentonite is most preferred used for Geostnthetic Clay Liner(GCL). Instead of Powder form, it is used as a woven fabric-Like Material primarily for landfills

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