Bentonite For Paper

Bentonite for retention and drainage system

I-floc is a selectively mined & processed sodium activated bentonite to use as a retention, drainage and formation aid in the manufacturing of paper products.

Solubility: Dispersible but insoluble in water or alcohol


1) Bentonite acts as a Cost-effective retention, drainage and formation aid

2)  Use of bentonite provides an excellent Cation exchange capacity

3)  Bentonite is Effective regardless of whether it is used in high and low Ph environment

4) Bentonite provides a Low charge density therefore having minimal impact  on system electrochemistry

5) Bentonite provides a high tolerance and reduction in system aids for paper.

Function and Uses:

I-floc series of bentonite high quality sodium activated montmorolite selectively mined for use as  a retention, drainage and formation aid.

Optimun performance can be achieved when I floc is used as conjuction with medium to high molecular weight cation or anionic polymer  although branch or cross linked are used.

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