Kaolin For Cement


DeltaCorp is a premier supplier of Kaolin for Cement in Malaysia. The characteristics of Kaolin is as per below.

  • The pozzolanic materials differ very widely in their impact on cement – based systems and this is primarily related to their physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Kaolin supplied by DeltaCorp Sdn.Bhd has the highest content of siliceous and aluminous material among the purified kaolins.

Kaolin supplied by DeltaCorp can be used in various applications such as below:

  • Ready- Mixed Concrete
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
  • Oil Well Cements
  • Precast Concrete
  • High Performance Grouts, Mortars, Stuccos and Plaster.

The benefits of using high Reactivity MetaKaolin in the various application is as per below:

  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the Feasibleness Enrichment
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the Increased Strength
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to Reduce Permeability
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the chemical resistance of the Kaolin
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin has the ability to Colour Match the client specifaction and Produce High Performance Architectural Products
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin will provide additional Enhancement of Other Pozzolans

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