Bentonite For Construction and Civil Engineering

Supporting suspensions for cut-off diapghram wall construcitons, antrifiction agents for shaft sinking, additiivbe to concrete and mortar, impermeabilization of ground soil

Applications :

  • Bentonite For Coal Briquitting,
  • Bentonite For Bitmun and Tar suspensions for roads,
  • Bentonite For Bleaching and Active Earths
  • Bentonite For Piling and Civil Engineering for Slurry Trench Cut ( Diapgrham Wall)
  • Bentonite for Cement Grout (swelling in fissures) ( used in hydroelectric dam project)
  • Soil Cement Bentonite Slurry Walls


  • Bentonite with high swelling
  • instantenous thixotropy
  • Fine Base Exchnage Capacity
  • Best gelling ( 100 % gelling by 2 % )
  • meeting all International Specifiation in Piling
  • Evironmentally safe and does not affect the water, live stock or wild life when properly applies.
  • soil concrete
  • Resistant to erosion & barrowing animals, Provide encasement for critical foundations and as replacement for completed clay when construction take place in wet and cold condition

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