Bentonite For Drilling

During Boring/ Drilling of pile, the side of the bore hole is subjected to various types of force and pressure like

  1. Active earth pressure
  2. Overburden Pressure
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure
  4. Pore Pressure

Functions of Bentonite for Drilling

Bentonite is used various applications of drilling as per below mentioned. This is due to Thixotropic property of Bentonite suspension, it permits the material to have consistency of a fluid when introduced into the excavation & when undisturbed forms a jelly

Deltacorp is a Bentonite supplier for drilling.

The Applications that can be used

  • Bentonite is able to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings, and to lubricate the cutting head.
  • Bore hole scavenging for salt water and sweet water.
  • Bentonite can be used to reduce Drill Fluid Formation
  • Used where pipe jacking technique is employed especially micro tunelling & HDD ( Horizontal Directional Drilling)
  • Underground mining
  • Bentonite can be used for River crossings to reduce seapage losses
  • Coal-bed methane drilling
  • Curb-to-house installations
  • Surface coring jobs
  • Under-highway boring


  • Fast and easy mixing Of Bentonite enable faster approach to construction Jobs
  • Bentonite is able Stabilize the bore hole upon discharge of Drilling Equipment
  • Develop good suspension at lower dossage
  • Control loss of drilling fluid.
  • Carry rock cuttings to the surface and leave them there.
  • Caviteness: fill the bore hole without cavities
  • Quick hardening quick thixotropy ensures cavity bridging.
  • Plasticity: permits static safety of the GSHP even in case of specific geologic activities

Bentonite for Oil & Gas Drilling

Bentonite is mainly used as a drilling mud & part oil-well cement formation.

The best type of bentonite is obtained via bentonite that has high sodium montmorillonite.  If a bentonite does not have a high sodium montmorillonite, the filter cake permeability, viscosity build-up will be adversely affected especially when bentonite is used a drilling fluid.

A bentonite with the required specification for the oil & gas industry will be able to provide

  • Lightweight cementing system
  • Bentonite is able to provide Good fluid loss control as seepage from landfills must be collected and properly disposed
  • Good rheological properties
  • Adequate compressive strengths
  • High Plasticity
  • Absorb large amount of Water

Bentonite, when mixed with water, forms a fluid that is pumped through the drill stem, and out through the drill bit. It then extracts the drill cuttings from around the bit, which are then floated to the surface.

The drilling mud or Bentonite NP40, or gel also serves too cool and lubricate the drill bit as well as seal the drill hole against sea page and to prevent wall cave-ins.

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