Kaolin For Grouting Construction

DELTACORP is a premier Kaolin Supplier for Grouting in Malaysia

Benefits Of Using Kaolin for Grouting is as per below:

  1. Extraordinary Grout Durability and Strength : Boost to the standard water-cement hydraulic reaction that forms the binding concrete paste.
  2. Extraordinary Grout Longevity : Provides low permeability in grout


  • Varied up to 10% by weight of cement
  • Clay for the grout with w/c ratio of 0.6
  • In addition of 3% clay increased the setting time by 22 min for cement grout with w/C ratio.
  • Result showed the curing temperature and electrical resistivity.
  • Pull-out strengths and compressive strengths of the cement.
  • Cement based grouts containing 15% replacement with meta kaolin and with water.
  • It is theological and mechanical properties proposed grouts interesting.
  • The results showed that metakaolin could be added up to 15% by weight of cement without reducing the 28-day strength.

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