Kaolin For Paper

DELTACORP is a supplier of Kaolin in Malaysia. Various Grades of Kaolin are used to enable end users a specific level of performance in their products. Kaolin is mainly used as a coating pigment and as a filler.

Use of Kaolin as a coating pigment for paper:

  • Comprises the bulk of weight formulation
  • Improves Appearance & Smoothness of Paper surface

Use of Kaolin as a filler for paper:

  • Enhances the properties of the paper such as optical properties
  • Lower the overall Cost of production

Kaolin is able to influence the looks of paper and whether the paper prints well. In order to know the types of Kaolin, a simple assignment system is used with the criteria being

  • Brightness
  • Particle Size
  • Smoothness
  • Gloss Finish
  • Ink absorption
  • Ink Pigment Holdout
  • Low Linting Tendency
  • Roughness
  • Functional Fillers/ Pigments

In order to derive a higher quality Kaolin, DeltaCorp is a supplier of Calcined Kaolin. It is beginning to be adopted by the paper industry as quality and standard is driven even higher by competitive pressures including use in newsprint grades.
In order to get every good results, Kaolin is surface coated with Silane chemical to assist in bonding between Kaolin and rubber compounds of polymer.

Packing Minimum 1200 KG Jumbo Bags- Un Palletized


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