Bentonite For Waste Water Treatment

Bentonite, chosen for primary and industrial waters treatment.

Industries Served :

  1. Textile/ Garment Industry
  2. Paint Industry
  3. Food & Beverages Industry
  4. Chemical Industry
  5. Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
  6. Metal Processingy
  7. Porcelain Industry

Application :

  1. treating waste waters from the galvanising industry and where the phosphate coating of metal surfaces is carried out,
  2. treating the effluent from automobile spray booths, furniture makers, and leather dying works.
  3. Sealing of ponds in blanket method in civil engineering, water proofing , adsorption of impurities , coagulation of bacteria , waste water purification and water treatment.

Advantages :

  1. Macroflocculation that absorbs and removes the suspended materials, heavy metals, oil and greases.
  2. By the bentonite heavy flocks it will occur a fast sedimentation of the polluting material and a complete water clarification absorbing heavy metals, pigments, removing emulsified oils; making easier flocculation and quicker sedimentation of contaminants.
  3. Low permeability soils to ensure protection of groundwater from the pollutants.
  4. Active protective layer of geosynthetic clay liners.
  5. Execellant Filtration Loss Properties
  6. Seals Casing
  7. Re-hydrate and re-swells

Examples of Chemicals Removed:

  1. Waste Landfill Leachate
  2. High Nickel and Copper Concentrations
  3. Clay Waste Water

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