What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is a rock composed essentially of a crystalline clay-like mineral formed by devitrification and the accompanying chemical alteration of a glassy igneous material, usually a tuff or volcanic ash. In simple terms Bentonite is also referred to as Smectite or Montmorillonite. It  refers to a family of non-metallic clays primarily composed of hydrated sodium calcium aluminium silicate.

Common names for smectite include montmorillonite or sodium montmorillonite (“sodium bentonite” or “Wyoming bentonite”) and swelling bentonite (“Western bentonite”).

There are two types of bentonite:

  1. Natural Calcium Bentonite or Calcium Montmorillonite
  2. Natural Sodium Bentonite or Sodium Montmorillonite

Natural Sodium Bentonite

Natural sodium bentonite as the name suggests occurs with sodium as the predominant exchange cation. The name originates from its discovery near Fort Benton, USA. Sodium Bentonites are characterised by high swelling, high liquid limit, and high thermal durability.

Natural Calcium Bentonite

Calcium bentonites are often characterized by much lower swelling and liquid limit values compared to natural sodium bentonite.

Bentonite for Foundry

Bentonite is widely used in the Foundry industry. It is specially processed with necessary additives to achieve good thermal conductivity at higher Temperature.

The Primary use of using bentonite for Foundry is the production of non-ferrous casting. As Delta Corp is a Bentonite supplier, we have ready stocks in hand at our warehouse.

  • Bentonite as a Binder for special moulding sands.
  • Bentonite as a Binder for synthetic moulding sands.
  • Bentonite as a Binder for anhydrous casting sands.
  • Bentonite Develops good green and dry strength and better flow ability with optimum temperature of water.
  • Bentonite has a High thermal stability.
  • Easy to develop sharp and strong mold edge and corners.
  • Bentonite provides Excellent reliability.
  • Bentonite has a Good mold strength in high pressure molding.
  • Bentonite develops good strength at lower addition
  • Bentonite provides a Better control on active clay

Bentonite For Construction Industry

Bentonite is mainly used in the construction industry. Bentonite is used various applications of drilling. The  sole purpose is to lubricate and cool the cutting machinery in order to prevent blowouts.

  • Bentonite is able to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings, and to lubricate the cutting head.
  • Bore hole scavenging for salt water and sweet water.
  • Bentonite can be used to reduce Drill Fluid Formation
  • Used where pipe jacking technique is employed especially micro tunnelling & HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling)
  • Underground mining
  • Bentonite can be used for River crossings to reduce sea-page losses
  • Coal-bed methane drilling
  • Curb-to-house installations
  • Surface coring jobs
  • Under-highway boring
  • Cut-off diaphragm wall constructions, anti-friction agents for shaft sinking, additive to concrete and mortar, impermeabilization of ground soil
  • Bentonite For Piling and Civil Engineering for Slurry Trench Cut (Diapgrham Wall)
  • Bentonite for Cement Grout (swelling in fissures) ( used in hydroelectric dam project)
  • Soil Cement Bentonite Slurry Walls
  • Fast and easy mixing of Bentonite enable faster approach to construction Jobs
  • Bentonite is able Stabilize the borehole upon discharge of Drilling Equipment
  • Develop good suspension at lower dosage
  • Control loss of drilling fluid.
  • Carry rock cuttings to the surface and leave them there.
  • Caviteness: fill the bore hole without cavities
  • Quick hardening quick thixotropy ensures cavity bridging.
  • Plasticity: permits static safety of the GSHP even in case of specific geologies.
  • Bentonite with high swelling
  • Instantaneous thixotropy
  • Fine Base Exchange Capacity
  • Best gelling (100% gelling by 2%)
  • Meeting all International Specification in Piling
  • Environmentally safe and does not affect the water, live-stock or wild-life when properly applies.
  • Soil concrete
  • Resistant to erosion & burrowing animals
  • Provide encasement for critical foundations and as replacement for completed clay when construction take place in wet and cold conditions


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