What is Kaolin?

Kaolin is used in various industries from paint to cement to even used for agriculture. The Kaolin that is of the highest quality. We carry all types of Kaolin from Meta to Calcined Kaolin which is our best selling product.

Types of Kaolin

We are able to offer grades that have premium brightness, fine particles size with controlled distribution and with low grit level. Each Kaolin grade is chemically modified to boost product performance and properties in the relevant application.

Sourced From India

Delta Corp Kaolin products originated from India. All of our products come with research & development and after sales support.

  • The pozzolanic materials differ very widely in their impact on cement – based systems and this is primarily related to their physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Kaolin supplied by DeltaCorp Sdn.Bhd has the highest content of siliceous and aluminous material among the purified kaolins.


Minimum 1,200 KG Jumbo Bags – Unpalletized.


  • Kaolin for cement
  • Kaolin for grouting construction
  • Kaolin for agriculture
  • Kaolin for ceramics
  • Kaolin for paint
  • Kaolin for paper

Benefits of using Reactivity MetaKaolin

  • Kaolin is able to increase the Feasibleness Enrichment
  • Kaolin is able to increase the Increased Strength
  • Kaolin is able to Reduce Permeability
  • Kaolin is able to increase the chemical resistance of the Kaolin
  • Kaolin has the ability to Colour Match the client specification and Produce High Performance Architectural Products
  • Kaolin will provide additional Enhancement of Other Pozzolans
  • Kaolin reduces the TI 2 Ratio which reduces overall cost
  • Kaolin aids accurate control of molding properties
  • Kaolin aids accurate control of molding properties
  • Kaolin adds dry and fried strength
  • Kaolin provides smooth surface finish
  • Kaolin helps in the increase in strength
  • Kaolin helps in increase in Firing Shrinkage


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