Introduction to Kaolin

Kaolin is used in various industries from paint to cement to even medical equipment manufacturing. The kaolin that Delta distributes is off the highest quality and at a reasonable price in the Malaysian Market. We carry all types of Kaolin from Meta kaolin to Calcined Kaolin which is our best selling products.

Type Of Kaolin:

We are able to offer grades that have premium brightness, fine particles size with controlled distribution and with low grit level. Each Kaolin grade is chemically modified to boost product product performance and properties in the relevant application.


All packing comes with Jumbo Bag Un- Palletized

Where our Kaolin Originates:

Delta Corp Kaolin products originated from one of India’s biggest Kaolin manufacturer. All of our products come with research and development and after sales support. Furthermore, our product is able to customized according to needs of customers to conform to specific requirement


DeltaCorp is a premier supplier of Kaolin for Cement in Malaysia. The characteristics of Kaolin is as per below.

  • The pozzolanic materials differ very widely in their impact on cement – based systems and this is primarily related to their physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Kaolin supplied by DeltaCorp Sdn.Bhd has the highest content of siliceous and aluminous material among the purified kaolins.

Kaolin supplied by DeltaCorp can be used in various applications such as below:

  • Ready- Mixed Concrete
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
  • Oil Well Cements
  • Precast Concrete
  • High Performance Grouts, Mortars, Stuccos and Plaster.

The benefits of using high Reactivity MetaKaolin in the various application is as per below:

  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the Feasibleness Enrichment
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the Increased Strength
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to Reduce Permeability
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin is able to increase the chemical resistance of the Kaolin
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin has the ability to Colour Match the client specifaction and Produce High Performance Architectural Products
  • DeltaCorp Kaolin will provide additional Enhancement of Other Pozzolans

DELTACORP is a premier Kaolin Supplier for Grouting in Malaysia

Benefits Of Using Kaolin for Grouting is as per below:

  1. Extraordinary Grout Durability and Strength : Boost to the standard water-cement hydraulic reaction that forms the binding concrete paste.
  2. Extraordinary Grout Longevity : Provides low permeability in grout


  • Varied up to 10% by weight of cement
  • Clay for the grout with w/c ratio of 0.6
  • In addition of 3% clay increased the setting time by 22 min for cement grout with w/C ratio.
  • Result showed the curing temperature and electrical resistivity.
  • Pull-out strengths and compressive strengths of the cement.
  • Cement based grouts containing 15% replacement with meta kaolin and with water.
  • It is theological and mechanical properties proposed grouts interesting.
  • The results showed that metakaolin could be added up to 15% by weight of cement without reducing the 28-day strength.

Deltacorp is a Kaolin supplier for agriculture. Kaolin is used as a carrier and as chemical composites in fertilizers, pesticides and related agriculture products. It’s bio-cides are mixed with a carrier to make a concentrate that is easy to store and transport.

Characteristic of Carrier:

  • The particle size of a Kaolin is only from 0.4 to 0.5 Microns
  • Method of crop protection known as particle film technology or HPF
  • Covers the crop with fine coating

With the incorporation of particle film technology, Kaolin is used as natural solution

  • KaolinKills insects that goes to bushes.
  • Kaolin is used a water repellent hence it is able to limit moisture-induced diseases
  • Kaolin is as chemical composite in the production of ammonium nitrate & urea fertilizers.
  • Kaolin Uses a tiny of water, so 2-3% of kaolin is added to prevent this phenomena.

DeltaCorp Sdn.Bhd is a preferred Kaolin supplier. Usage of Kaolin in the ceramics industry is as per below:

  1. Processing chemical
  2. Filler for ceramics
  3. Plozonic material

DeltaCorp is a premier supplier of high Meta-Kaolin quality. Benefits of using Kaolin is as per below:

  • reduce the TI 2 Ratio which reduces overall cost
  • aids accurate control of molding properties
  • aids accurate control of molding properties
  • adds dry and fried strength
  • smooth surface finish
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase in Firing Shrinkage

Type Of Kaolin Packaging 

25Kg bags- Un Palletized

Kaolin is widely used in Paint making process. The use of Kaolin can improve the opacity and durability of your Specialty coating. Specialty coating such as Automative & Industrial coating uses Kaolin to improve the opacity stength and durability of the finished paint product. Kaolin is used as a filler in paints that intends to give end finish of Semi Glossy or Water Finish or Matty Finish.

Use of Kaolin

  • Improves Opacity
  • Increases strength
  • Lower Stains
  • Improve Pigment suspension
  • 12% Higher spreading rate than Talc
  • Improve Optical Properties
  • Double the matting efficiency

Kaolin for Automotive Paint
By using Kaolin, we are able to play an important role in Automotive Paint by providing,

  • Smoothness
  • increasing corrosion resistance
  • a more solid edge film build and uniformity.
  • low salt content, high quality performance
  • kaolin is used as a filler for primer, base paint and top coat paint for the automotive paint industry.

Kaolin For Industrial Paint
DeltaCorp Kaolin is tailor made for the Industrial Paint Coating Industry. Benefits of using Kaolin as a filler for industrial paint it

  • improve gloss,
  • dispersion,
  • stain resistance
  • enamel holdout.
  • durability of Industrial Coating.

Example of Industrial Paint where Kaolin is used are

  • Traffic Paint
  • Textured Paints
  • Coil Coatings.

DELTACORP is a supplier of Kaolin in Malaysia. Various Grades of Kaolin are used to enable end users a specific level of performance in their products. Kaolin is mainly used as a coating pigment and as a filler.

Use of Kaolin as a coating pigment for paper:

  • Comprises the bulk of weight formulation
  • Improves Appearance & Smoothness of Paper surface

Use of Kaolin as a filler for paper:

  • Enhances the properties of the paper such as optical properties
  • Lower the overall Cost of production

Kaolin is able to influence the looks of paper and whether the paper prints well. In order to know the types of Kaolin, a simple assignment system is used with the criteria being

  • Brightness
  • Particle Size
  • Smoothness
  • Gloss Finish
  • Ink absorption
  • Ink Pigment Holdout
  • Low Linting Tendency
  • Roughness
  • Functional Fillers/ Pigments

In order to derive a higher quality Kaolin, DeltaCorp is a supplier of Calcined Kaolin. It is beginning to be adopted by the paper industry as quality and standard is driven even higher by competitive pressures including use in newsprint grades.
In order to get every good results, Kaolin is surface coated with Silane chemical to assist in bonding between Kaolin and rubber compounds of polymer.

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