Polymerized Bentonite For Construction

A superior bentonite product will be hydrophilic on mixing, giving the lowest possible mixing time and maximum dispersion. It will then exhibit hydrophobic characteristics in operation, minimising contamination of concrete for clean transitions and maximum concrete properties.


High viscosity, good lubrication and a low permeability filter cake allow POLDA Bentonite Polymer to be applied in multiple geologies, particularly in weak and unstable grounds including thick sand layers, running sand and salted areas.


A thin, low permeability filter cake and low contamination of concrete provides higher quality end bearing and friction piles. Major cost savings achieved (around 25%) in real world applications through lower requirements for POLDA, reduced mixing time and downtime for construction, and prevention of bore collapse.


Civil engineering construction designs can utilise superior concrete performance, increased stability horizontal drilling operations and constructions in low quality ground

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